Friday, May 3, 2013

"...Justice Isn't So Much Blind As It Seems To Be Starstruck..."

The list is getting shorter.

More on that shortly.

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan's legal situation has more drama than a Lifetime movie and more twists and turns than a high-speed car chase. And it could land the actress in jail soon.
Lohan, 26, was supposed to start a 90-day stint in a "lockdown" rehab center Thursday, an alternative to a three-month jail term for two misdemeanor convictions and a probation violation finding in March.
But she abruptly left the Southern California facility where she had gone Thursday morning because "she was not happy with the place," her father said.
Through what seems like years and years now, the saga of Lindsay Lohan has been framed in a number of themes, everything from celebrity news to legal issues, from tragic tale of child star gone wrong to late night fodder to sad commentary on the horrific crack in the foundation of the justice system that allows famous people to slip and/or wiggle through.
Comes a time, though, when it is no longer news, no longer tragic, even no longer satirical.
And certainly not funny.
Even a school aged child could determine, at this point in the production, that what is deserved here is a revocation of any leniency, a stonewalling of any sidestepping responsibility and an imposition of a fair, but firm, accountability for behaviors, past and present.
The list of people who don't seem to be capable of acknowledging that very simple and egregiously obvious fact has been, for some time now, dwindling with each playing out of the "lather, rinse, be sentenced, skirt the sentence, repeat" cycle.
At this writing, in fact, that list seems to have come down to a hearty, committed few.
Lindsay Lohan.
Her father.
And any and every judge that this troubled woman stands before.