Monday, April 28, 2014

"....And, For That Matter, Taylor Would Sound Silly Singing About Badonkadonks...."

Time for another episode of  Where Es The Estrogen?"

First, a little current background courtesy of Taste of

Billy starts to make the point but, for my pesos, stops a little short.

I agree that it's not just radio and/or the "Nashville machine" eligible for responsibility for the lack of ladies up there at the top of the charts. (Although they ain't exactly what you could call "part of the solution", either)

Billy mentions a few more there.

One, in particular, rings my bell.


As much fun as dissection, debate and discussion served up with a sensationalistic slice of pie chart(s) might be, I think this whole issue is pretty simple.

Like I said.


And the cause/effect thingy.

As in women aren't having much "effect" on the country music charts be"cause" they are currently out of sync (through no fault of their own, necessarily) with what I like to call "the Jerry McGuire axiomn".

Show me the money.

What sells will always be what's offered.

And what sells a lot will always be what's offered a lot.

Here's a pie chart that warrants a little scrutiny.

Ratio of country music fans, female to country music fans, male.

I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts, or pie, that the numbers will show us the lion's share of the demo has no Adam's apple.

Rosie O'Donnell notwithstanding.

And, in simple equation style, it goes like this.

There's more women than there are men spending money on country music downloads, CD's, merchandise, not to mention the all important, in fact, essential ad dollars that keeps radio alive (well is an entirely different topic of discussion).

Accordingly, the best selling "product" in total, at this time in the format (the one that radio refers to when they ask that moronic question about commitment) would be.....


And not that the average female country listener doesn't appreciate, respect, even enjoy Carrie or Taylor or Miranda or any of the other uterus owners who toil equally and eloquently in the studios and on the stages of America's music.

But, I'm pretty sure, the average female country listener doesn't listen to the latest hit by (name a country music female, any country music female) and fantasize about doing things to/with her that involve spatulas, AA batteries and/or any combination of Reddi Whip, WD40 and/or Smucker's Butterscotch Topping.

Rosie O'Donnell notwithstanding.

Bottom line, both philosophically and financially.....

It may be a man's world, a man's world on 16th Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

But it's wouldn't be nothin, nothin'...without the sea of Neutrogena cleansed faces smiling adoringly and singing along dreamily from the very first row to the very back back of the concert hall.

Money talks.

And the ladies in the crowd are monopolizing the conversation.

Much to the ironic chagrin of the ladies on the stage.